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After suffering a work-related injury, many people simply want to recover and get back on the job. When pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, injured individuals in northeast Ohio and throughout the state can accept either structured payments or a lump sum settlement. At Robin J. Peterson Company, LLC, I understand that deciding on the best course of action can be difficult. To simplify the process and ensure that you receive compensation as quickly as possible, I will help you pursue a full and final settlement for your claim should it be in your best interests.

The Benefits Of Settling An Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim

Depending on the circumstances of your injuries, it may be in your best interests to reach a lump sum settlement agreement for your workers’ compensation claim. Although a full and final settlement may not be the right choice for everyone, things to consider include:

  • A settlement offers a guaranteed benefit. This is important to consider if your injuries are incredibly serious or life-threatening as a workers’ compensation claim expires upon your death.
  • If your claim has stalled and has had little activity, it may be in your best interests to pursue a lump sum settlement to ensure that you receive compensation.
  • You may give up your right to future compensation if you take a lump sum settlement. As your lawyer, I can explain how this will affect your situation.
  • A workers’ compensation claim can be obtained as an indemnity only settlement. This means that your medical claim can remain open even if you settle. In such cases, a settlement offer may be reduced to compensate for the medical component of the claim. I will explain the implications of a settlement as they pertain to injured individuals who are Medicare-eligible.

I Help Injured Workers Manage And Resolve Their Claims With The Ohio BWC and Ohio Self-Insured Employers.

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