In the manufacturing and industrial workplaces throughout Ohio, workers are routinely at risk of injury from flying debris, falling objects and numerous other hazards that come with the job. When accidents and injuries do occur, they can range from minor bumps and bruises to severe spinal and sensory damage. While broken bones and sprains may heal over time, other long-term or permanent injuries, such as vision or hearing loss, can alter every aspect of a victim’s life.

Representing Workers Who Have Suffered Injuries Resulting In Full or Partial Blindness

At Robin J. Peterson Company, LLC, we pursue compensation to ease recovery and provide necessary financial support for workers who have suffered eye injuries. With years of experience handling cases involving loss of vision, we use a network of industry experts and professionals to help build the strongest possible case to maximize compensation for those who have suffered:

  • Retinal detachment
  • Loss of or limitations on peripheral vision
  • The loss of vision in one eye
  • Complete blindness
  • Damage to the optic nerve
  • Traumatic cataract
  • Eye infections
  • Injuries that result in a 25 percent or greater loss of vision
  • Total loss of hearing in one or both ears

As we carry out investigations and gather testimony, we keep you and your family fully informed of the progress being made in your case. In addition to payments for bills and loss of income, we can pursue scheduled loss compensation that may be awarded even if the injury or ailment is treated and repaired.

We Are Here To Help You And Your Family

Claims for traumatic injuries that result in vision or hearing loss require the tested skill and experience of an attorney. Whether filing a claim or appealing a denial, we understand the most effective and efficient methods for obtaining just compensation for injured workers.

It’s important to act quickly after suffering a work-related injury. If you live or work in a northeast Ohio community, reach out to our northeast Ohio law office and schedule a free initial consultation. Call toll free 216-642-9007 or complete our online contact form.